آن‌ها که گفتند نه

DIRECTED BY: Nima Sarvestani

Year: 2014
Country: Sweden, Iran, Japan, Netherlands
Length: 89
Language: Persian
Subtitles: EN, CZ
Premiere: IDFA

Those who said no

آن‌ها که گفتند نه

DIRECTED BY: Nima Sarvestani

After the Islamic Revolution of 1979, the new Iranian regime consolidated its power through mass removal of its opponents: in the 1980s, thousands of political prisoners were secretly tortured and killed. The perpetrators have never been prosecuted, and today hold high-ranking government positions.

After a quarter of a century, an international People’s Tribunal is being convened in the Hague Court of Justice to investigate these mass executions. Survivors and relatives of the victims of these atrocities will be testifying about crimes committed by the Iranian regime, crimes that have been kept secret from the public for decades. Now is their chance to put the Islamic regime on trial for its crimes against humanity.

Stripped of sentimentality and bias, Those Who Said No is an unflinching portrait of people who have been scarred for life, those who refuse to be silenced and who will do anything they can to confront the perpetrators with their crimes.



Nima Sarvestani

Born in Shiraz in 1958, Nima Sarvestani started his career as a journalist and moved to Sweden in 1984 where he concentrated on documentary filmmaking focusing on social and political issues. Since then, he has produced many internationally acclaimed documentaries, mainly concerning human rights, which have received prestigious awards such as an International Emmy Award for the best documentary and the Prix Europa for the best European documentary.

He has also produced and directed several documentaries on the Middle East, in which crucial issues are explored through personal life stories. All these documentaries shed light on the life of people who fight on a daily basis for their rights and who rarely have the chance to be heard.