ابر بارانش گرفته

DIRECTED BY: Majid Barzegar

Year: 2021
Country: Iran, Canada
Length: 87′
Language: Persian
Subtitles: EN, CZ
Premiere: Rotterdam IFF

The rain falls where it will + Q&A


ابر بارانش گرفته

DIRECTED BY: Majid Barzegar

Working in one of the busiest hospitals in the country, Sara takes care of patients in need of intensive care. She does her best to relieve the patients’ pain and suffering, even if it involves quietly easing their deaths when there is no hope for their recovery.
Hiding her unorthodox measures from her colleagues and her husband, she goes about her life with no sense of remorse until she is asked to take care of a private patient, a brain-dead old man whose family awaits his eventual departure by his deathbed.
As Sara prepares herself for yet another quiet euthanasia, her patient begins to communicate with her in peculiar ways, filling her for the first time with serious doubt.



Majid Barzegar

Despite having sparked a backlash from the Iranian authorities for his unwavering support of freedom of expression in cinema, Majid Barzegar has remained a major driving force behind the development and production of a great number of independent films in Iran.
As a writer, director and producer, his films have won awards and been showcased at prestigious international film festivals, including Cannes, Berlinale, San Sebastian, Rotterdam, São Paulo, Thessaloniki and many others.
His second feature film, Parviz, is considered by many critics as one of the most iconic cult films of Iranian arthouse cinema. The Rain Falls Where It Will is his latest film which premiered at the Rotterdam International Film Festival. It focuses on euthanasia, a forbidden theme and topic in Iranian cinema.