من سعی می‌کنم فراموش نکنم

DIRECTED BY: Pegah Ahangarani

Year: 2021
Country: Iran, Czech Republic
Length: 15′
Language: Persian
Subtitles: EN, CZ
Premiere: IDFA

I am trying to remember + Q&A


من سعی می‌کنم فراموش نکنم

DIRECTED BY: Pegah Ahangarani

A delicate and personal retelling of Iranian contemporary history through family albums. Pegah Ahangarani travels through time and brings together the fragmented memories of her large family in the early years of the Islamic revolution in Iran.

Seen through the eyes of a young girl struggling hard to understand the sudden disappearance of a beloved family friend amidst the post revolution political turmoil, I am Trying to Remember evokes a collective memory of all the men and women that the revolution has silenced over the years.



Pegah Ahangarani

Born in 1984, Pegah Ahangarani started her career in cinema at an early age as an actress. She has played in over 40 Iranian feature films, establishing herself as one of the most recognized female actors of Iranian cinema over the years. Her films have been screened at festivals such as Berlinale, TIFF, Venice and Locarno.

She has been arrested and imprisoned on multiple occasions for her critical political engagements which have been reflected in the two documentaries she has directed, both of which have received critical praise for their unique and fresh approach to sensitive and controversial social and political themes.