BAG OF RICE / Kiseye Berenj

When a small child and her elderly neighbor go on a search for a bag of rice, their seemingly modest trip turns into a touching journey through the streets of Tehran.

An astonishing and unrivaled piece of Iranian cinematography reminiscent of works of masters such as Abbas Kiarostami, Bag of Rice is a unique and charming masterpiece that reminds us of the essential craft that makes great cinema.

Director: Mohammad-Ali Talebi

Premiere: Berlinale

Iran, Japan, 1997, 80’, Farsi, EN + CZ subtitles


Saturday 19. 1.   20:30 – Bio Oko + debate with the director    BUY TICKET 


Regarded as one of the leading filmmakers who has contributed substantially and consistently to children’s and youth cinema, Mohammad-Ali Talebi is one of the most significant figures of Iranian cinema.

Having directed some of the great works of Iranian cinema such as Willow and Wind, The Boot and Bag of Rice, he has played an integral role in securing an international recognition for Iranian cinematography in the last two decades. In addition, many of his films have been selected and awarded at numerous international film festivals such as Berlin, San Francisco, Chicago, Sundance, New York, Montreal, Amsterdam, London, Toronto, Tokyo, Zlín and Bangkok.