ÍRÁN:CI not only includes an exceptional list of sensitively selected films in every section. It also welcomes in its 7th edition an unorthodox jury of widely varying backgrounds and experience.

Along with our audience who will choose their own favourite film, our jury will pick their preferred feature, documentary and short film. This will be the first time when each main section of the festival will be led by its own outstanding jury.

Jury - Feature Films

Iva Bittová

One of the most significant figures of the art scene in the Czech Republic whose passions range vastly from internationally hailed music to an outstanding acting career in Oscar nominated films, Iva Bittová is one of the world’s leading avant-garde artists whose visionary creativity acknowledges no borders. As a pioneering composer, singer and violinist, she has relentlessly explored a wide range of musical genres from jazz to opera and as she puts it‚ deciding on a name for her style of music is far from over yet. In addition, she is praised for a very successful acting career in some of the celebrated titles of Czech cinematography such as Želary by Ondřej Trojan.

Razieh Ansari

Born 1974 in Tehran, Razieh Ansari is one of the rising names of Iranian literature whose works have been hailed and awarded nationally. She started her career writing for Iranian newspapers and magazines. She then received her MA in Linguistics and BS in German Literature and moved on to a professional writing career. Her first novel, Like A Scent in the Breeze, was awarded the Iranian Literary Prize in 2012. Her second and third novels, Tehran Trio and A Woman with a Pearl Brooch, were both received with critical acclaim and established her name in Iranian literature.

Sylvie Leray

She studied at the Conservatory of Music in Bordeaux and then went on to study Modern Literature, Teaching French as a Foreign Language and Cultural Engineering and Management at various universities. She has received the Václav Černý Award. While in charge of modern music projects at the French Institute in Prague, she organized concerts of many renowned artists. Subsequently she managed the KINO 35 cinema before switching to film distribution in 2015 and becoming the Director of Film Distribution Artcam. She is regularly invited to sit on festival juries. Since 2017 she has been the Czech representative to the European Union in the working group devoted to the circulation of films in Europe.

Jury - Documentaries

Kamila Zlatušková

Kamila Zlatušková (1981) graduated from the Janáček Academy as a scriptwriter. From 2006 to 2009 Kamila worked in Czech TV as a commissioning editor for documentary films and factual programming. Between 2012 and 2016 she was the head of a creative group in Czech Television. In 2016/18 she worked as the vice-dean for international relations at FAMU. Right now she is running (together with FAMU and other important industry and academic partners) the very first year of the first Central European festival focused on web and TV series called SERIAL KILLER.

Kateřina Hager

Kateřina is a documentary filmmaker and producer. She graduated with a masters degree in Cultural Anthropology from Charles University in Prague and received her film training at Prague Film School. In 2012, she founded Bohemian Productions, focusing entirely on directing and producing documentary films. Apart from several short films and documentaries, her filmography includes the feature documentary, Children of Flamenco, which screened at many international film festivals and was nominated for the PriMed 2014 international award. Her latest documentary, Children Online, premiered at CPH:DOX and has toured close to twenty film festivals thus far.

Jury - Short Films

Anna Ljubinecká

Anna Lyubynetska is a Ukrainian film director and scriptwriter currently living in Prague where she gained her Masters in Film Directing at FAMU.Her latest films, Dinner, Kyiv Prague and Kiev Moscow, are insights into the issues of contemporary Ukrainian society. Her films have participated in a number of international festivals. The latest film,Kiev Moscow, has received the Magnesia Award of Czech Film and Television Academy for the Best Student Film 2016.

Dahlia Ayoub

Dahlia Ayoub is a Lebanese filmmaker and photographer based in Prague, Czech Republic. She grew up between Beirut and Dubai and studied Graphic Design at the Lebanese University of Beirut and worked in the advertising field before making her shift to film. She continued her studies in filmmaking at Prague Film School and has been making her own short films and short documentaries for various independent and commercial projects. She now works freelance between film and commercial sets, and is currently preparing for a documentary project set to take place in Iceland in the spring of 2018.

Nicole Goode

Nicole Goode is a filmmaker and artist from Toronto, Canada. She is currently based in Prague, Czech Republic working as a director, cinematographer, editor, and teacher. She studied drawing and painting at OCAD University and spent a year in Florence, Italy, working on her thesis.When Nicole isn’t working on film projects, she spends her time rock climbing, juggling badly, and memorizing digits of pi.